3 Steps Improve Code Readability

Do you want to write great code or step up as a developer? Every programmer wants to write perfect code, but due to ever-demanding business needs, hustle culture, we need to make trade-offs. We often don’t get to write that ideal code we dream of. Despite all that, we can ensure that the code we write is reasonably good. Here are three tips that I use that prevent your code from becoming a noodly mess.

1. Design Before Code

2. Is it Maintainable?

3. Is it intuitive?

Look at the following example,

questions = read_quiz_questions() 
for question in questions:
answer = get_answer()
calculate_score(question, answer)

Without telling much about what this program does, You understand what’s happening. It’s more than readable. It’s intuitive.

The above methods ensure that the code is easy to consume for other team members or the future you. While these give you reasonably good code, remember that it is just a starting point. Just because you are doing the above three doesn’t mean ignoring test cases, documentation, design patterns, etc. We will touch base on them in future posts.

Originally published at https://thelearning.dev.

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